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mold design process

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Workshop-style hand-molding mold manufacturing period and the beginning of industrialization, it is not to mold design, and totally dependent modeling experience and skills of workers manufacture of dies. With industrial development, application of the increasingly wide range of mold, mold trend of high performance and quality requirements and production technology progress. Design, drawing die structure system diagram and parts drawings, clear design requirements and manufacture of technical conditions for mold production process first priority and core technologies, has been evolution to the present. However, with the computer and numerical control machine tool industry, progress, and processing center of the wide range of applications such as CNC machine tools, mold design ways and means to generate some real, ground-breaking progress, Mold design includes the following three aspects: mold-type pieces of modeling and structural design, die structure, system design, parameter calculation and set the mold structure. Mold design process and content.
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