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Client: Thermoplan AG
Parts: parts for commercial coffee machine, milk tank, cover etc.
Project: 4 molds for 4 parts exported to Switzerland, insert mold, ultra sonic welding, hard tool of over 1 million circle time.
Material: PA12 (EMS Grilamid TR55 from Switzerland), PA6+PA66 (EMS Grillon TSM-30 from Switzerland), MDPE
Lead time: 30 days for 4 tools

Thermoplan AG is a famous Swiss quality coffee equipment provider. During their development of their new commercial coffee machine, we were responsible for 4 important parts- milk tank, cover etc.

We worked together with Thermoplan AG in their early design phase. Our rich experience of manufacturing has helped them to develop their products better, made their products more manufacturable, and lowered their cost of tool has made production more efficient. When they finish part design, they send it to our engineer. Our engineer will have a very detailed review to insure there is adequate draft, radii on internal corners, sink marks, air traps, distortion, undercut, and that the part will fill properly. In addition we review gating, ejection, parting line locations, water cooling layout, moving direction and distance of slide etc.

We have a very good communication with the engineer in Thermoplan AG. Our special ’check file?with picture, illustration and words are very helpful for clear engineering communication between us.

In order to make samples with the materials the final products uses, we import PA material from EMS company in Switzerland. PA12 is very expensive, high temperature engineering grade resin which is very difficult for molding. We invite EMS to our factory to discuss how to make the parts better. It provides very useful information for future production in Switzerland.

We begin the first shot for 4 sets of molds in 4 weeks.

Strong point: good communication

  • Milk tank for coffee machine
    Milk tank for coffee machine
  • PA12 EMS Grilamid TR55
    PA12 EMS Grilamid TR55
  • insert molding
    insert molding

Client: some famous tiny motor company in Germany
Parts: precise plastic gears for tiny motor.
Project: gears mold making and manufacturing.
Material: Dupont Delrin 525GR
Lead time: 30 days for 5 sets of gear molds

Our client offers the world’s largest consolidated portfolio of miniature and micro drive system technologies which specializes in the design and manufacture of complex, high precision miniature and micro drive systems for challenging areas of application like medical devices, handling automation, telecommunications, and precision optics. We provide our client high precision tiny plastic gears and other high precision parts. Tight tolerances on plastic gears are important for proper function and reduced wear. Our client focuses on understanding the customer’s requirements and provides customized micro drive system. So our challenge is to provide high precision gears in short time in order to coordinate with them to develop their system sooner and better based our rich experience of gears mold making and molding.

Strong point: experienced in precise and tiny parts

  • POM(Ticona Celcon M90)
    POM(Ticona Celcon M90)
  • POM(Dupont Delrin 525GR)
    POM(Dupont Delrin 525GR)
  • POM(Dupont Delrin 525GR)
    POM(Dupont Delrin 525GR)