HC-Mold Maker, A professional injection mold maker provide plastic and rubber mold making and plastic and rubber parts molding service for many year with high quality and low cost and short lead time.

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custom plastic thermoforming

General Features:
1.Quality Management: ISO9001:2008 & TS16949
2.Molding Material: PVC,PE,PP,PET,HIPS,ABS,PC,PAMMA,PETG,APTT., etc.
3.Tolerance: 0.08mm
4. Advantage: High quality, low prices, fast turnaround
5. Application: Quality mass production for your new product development, such as Household appliances, kitchenware, transportation tool, digital & telecommunication products, toys, custom products, auto parts, etc.
Plastic and metal part life from here
Forming material:                
according to clients' requests
textured,polished, printing color
Tool material:
Quality Management:
ISO 9001:2000
 Lead-Time to First Sample:
Vacuum forming Sampling Show:
A short overview of HC-Mold's activities:
1.     Rapid Prototype Making
CNC, SLA(Stereolithography) and SLS(Selective Laser Sintering), 4~7days lead time.
2.     (Export) Mold Making and (Un-Export) Mold
We export Molds for problem-free use, and also make economical molds for use in China-we also have the injection machines for molding production.
3.     Parts Production, Final Assembly, Testing and Packaging
To further reduce your cost we produce plastic and metal parts in China further. Assembly is generally the most labor intensive step in the production process, so this is really where we can save you a lot as well.
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